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A recent study found that 97% of B2B customers consider testimonials and peer recommendations as the most reliable form of content, meaning they should be included when marketing for accounting firm clients. 

But the stats don’t stop there, 72% of customers said they won’t take action until after they have read a positive review. 

And one last metric for you, 72% of customers say positive testimonials increase their trust in a business. 

What does all of this information mean? 
Your accounting firm needs to have case studies in your content marketing plan.

What is a Case Study in Marketing for Accounting Firm? 

In marketing, a case study is an in-depth review of a result of applying or using a product or service. Typically, it takes into account one person or business’s interaction with another business, product, or service.

Case studies are used as social proof to give potential customers context and insight into how a product or service can be applied and what they can expect as a result. They appeal to logic and demonstrate success, two crucial elements for driving sales. 

Ideally, potential clients will use case studies to make more informed buying decisions. 

Benefits of Using Case Studies in Your Content Marketing Plan

Case studies are arguably one of the best tools for content marketing because they come with a variety of perks that will benefit your firm. 

Case Studies Establish Value

Explaining your services is obviously helpful for clients, but what’s more effective for conversion purposes is providing definitive proof of how your services make an impact. Case studies show your target audience exactly how your services can bring value to a business.

Case Studies Offer Social Proof

The stats don’t lie, your target audience is more like to buy when they see your current clients are benefiting from your services. 

Case studies are great tools for proving that other businesses are seeing success from your services. This builds credibility and trust in your audience.  

Case Studies are Unique Content

No two case studies are alike. Individually they tell a unique and compelling story of your services. This separates your accounting firm from firms creating less-original content. 

Case Studies Boost SEO

Because case studies are an explanation of how your clients are benefitting from your services, they often contain keywords that will help your website rank higher. 

If you create your case study with intention, you can incorporate your keywords to improve your website’s visibility. 

Tips for Creating a Case Study 

To create an effective case study, you’ll want to follow these tips: 

  1. Clearly define its purpose
    1. Know exactly what services you plan to shed light on and don’t stray away. 
  2. Tell a story
    1. Be sure to include insight into the business you are serving, what problems they were having before they started working with your firm, what service you implemented, how your service helped their business, and how the audience can contact you.
  3. Keep it concise and relevant
    1. You’ll be tempted to overshare, but try to avoid this. Instead, make sure all of the information is essential and applies to your target audience.
  4. Use your branding
    1. Whether it’s a video, PDF, blog post, or graphic, ensure you use your firm’s branding. This helps create a cohesive marketing message.

How to Use a Case Study

The key to case studies is getting them in front of your potential clients, once you’ve done that, they’ll work for you.

Here are some of the best ways to use a case study

  • In your sales pitch
    • Include a case study in your services package to support your claims and provide context for your work. 
  • On your website 
    • When potential clients are comparing your accounting firm to another, seeing a webpage full of definitive proof of value can be a deciding factor. 
  • In your blog posts
    • Let’s say you are creating a blog post about how good bookkeeping leads to a stronger financial system with the call to action being to reach out to your firm for assistance in this area. A case study from one of your clients who have seen success after receiving your services will support your claims and paint a picture of how your services can help the reader. 
  • In video form 
    • Videos are trending and potential clients are more likely to watch a quick clip than read a lengthy case study. A great way to get your case studies in front of potential clients is to upload them to social media in the form of a video. 

Want to Improve Your Accounting Firm Marketing with Case Studies? Full Stadium Marketing Can Help! 

Case studies are becoming an essential piece of content for accounting firms. They help establish value, offer social proof, create unique content, and improve SEO. 

When done correctly, incorporating case studies into your content marketing strategy will help you generate leads and attract new clients to your firm. 

For help creating case studies for your accounting firm, contact Full Stadium Marketing! We’d love to walk you through the process of creating and distributing case studies that will help your firm grow!

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