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Are you looking to grow your accounting firm, but feel stuck relying on referrals? Do you want to find a new way to connect with potential and current clients?

Content marketing could be the answer. 

By providing value upfront, a good content marketing strategy will help you set up a repeatable cycle that builds relationships, gains trust, and brings in more clients. 

Check out this video for a full breakdown of the value that comes with using content marketing for your accounting firm:

Build Trust

As you know, the finance and accounting business is a TRUST business. It’s not an easy topic and it’s important to clients to know and trust the people taking care of their finances. Because of this, word of mouth and referrals play a major role in gaining clients. However, you probably also know this can only get you so far. When it’s time to go beyond referrals to gain new clients, content marketing is the most effective strategy.

Unlike cold calls, advertising, and other more traditional forms of marketing, content marketing is inviting and understandable. It is a way to bridge the gap between you and your client. Content marketing provides your audience with valuable information, which establishes you as a thought leader in your niche, makes you more easily approachable, and builds trust. 

Once that trust is built, it makes it easier for your audience to refer back to you and seek out your help because they know you will be there to answer their questions. Just like a referral from a trusted colleague or friend, the earned trust that comes from content marketing will spark fresh leads and generate new clients. 

Differentiate Your Firm

One of the biggest challenges for most accounting firms is differentiation, and unfortunately, a large majority of your audience finds it difficult to differentiate one accounting firm from another. This is where you have to step in and show them what you already know, you are different (in a good way). 

Your firm’s marketing, more specifically your content marketing, is the perfect way to set yourself apart from your competition. You’ll be standing out in no time if you: 

  • Speak directly to your audience’s issues
  • Have a unique, authentic voice
  • Provide value upfront by teaching them something (and establishing trust)

Once you’ve nailed your content strategy you’ll start to see an elevation in every aspect of your business. Here are a few results you can look forward to once you start producing valuable content to differentiate your firm: 

  • Improved overall marketing strategy
  • Better, more appreciative clients
  • High pricing points
  • A loyal and trusting client base


To learn more about differentiating your firm, and the many benefits that come with it, read our article, Seven Way to Differentiate Your Accounting Firm.

Keep Your Marketing Simple

Many times, businesses overcomplicate marketing. With so many ways to reach your audience, it’s easy to get lost in all of the different tools and strategies. However, the core of marketing is simple and includes just three key points:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Have a solid message for your audience
  3. Get your message in front of your audience

Content marketing embraces each of these components in that you will be producing material with your audience in mind and sharing it with the people who need it. It adds incredible value to a simple marketing strategy and your audience (and you) will be reaping the benefits.

Trust and differentiation are just two of the many benefits of content marketing. Once your content strategy is up and running, you can look forward to growth! Need help getting started? Reach out to Full Stadium Marketing! We will work with you to create a content marketing strategy meant to build trust and gain clients!


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