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A compelling brand story lies at the core of most successful accounting firms. 


Because it’s the best way to connect with your target audience and differentiate your firm from its competitors. 

Let’s learn more. 

brand story

What is a Brand Story? 

A brand story is essential in creating an authentic image for your accounting firm. 

It’s not just a piece of your marketing, it’s a narrative that defines your firm’s brand, including its:

  • Values
  • Mission
  • History
  • Personality

With a compelling story for your brand, you can build a stronger connection with your audience and set your firm apart from the competition. 

This Hubspot article does a deep dive into the topic:

Elements of a Good Brand Story


Authenticity is at the root of good marketing. It’s the element that builds trust and credibility with your audience. 

Unfortunately, if you are not authentic in your marketing and branding, consumers will notice. 

Understanding of Your Audience

One of the goals of a brand story is to impact your audience at every stage of their customer journey. 

To do this, you must understand who they are and what they want. Ask them directly or compile data. Use what you learn to build a picture of your ideal client. 

Make Your Solution Known

Your business was likely created because you have a solution to someone’s problem. When you put together your brand story, your solution needs to be known. This is one of the best ways to emotionally connect with your target audience. 


Think of character as the personality of your brand. Do you want people to see your brand as witty and humorous or authoritative and formal? 

Whichever you choose, you want your marketing material to reflect it so that it is identifiable with your brand. 

Why do You Need a Brand Story? 

A brand story is where your business meets its customers. It helps them understand who you are and why you exist. When they understand your why, they can build an emotional connection with your business. 

Brand stories are also important because they: 

  • Differentiate your firm from its competitors
  • Create a distinct and identifiable business
  • Appeal directly to your ideal client
  • Build trust with consumers

Once you’ve created a story for your brand, all of your marketing content should refer back to it. This keeps things cohesive and ensures your brand is consistent. 

Best Tips for Creating a Brand Story

Start with Your “Why” 

As we mentioned, it’s easier for customers to emotionally connect to your brand when they understand your why. Identify your why by asking yourself: 

  • What is the purpose of your firm?
  • Why did you start this business? 
  • What makes your accounting firm different from the others? 

This will help you idealize the reason for your business and give you a good place to start in conveying that message to your target audience.

Be Yourself

Let your story reflect you. Focus on being genuine and truthful from every angle. Our best suggestion is to talk in your copy as you would talk to your clients in person.

Go back to the answer you gave when you asked yourself “What makes your accounting firm different from the others”. Lean into that and demonstrate it in your marketing. 

Make it Emotional 

You know how to solve your client’s heaviest problems. You know that with your help, they can feel secure in their finances, grow their business, and achieve their goals. This is what will compel them to work with you. 

Yes, your social media graphics are great and your firm name is witty, and that’s great, but that’s not what converts clients. What converts is your ability to explain how well you can solve your client’s problems. 

Appeal to them through your brand’s story by conveying the emotions they’ll feel when you help them solve their problems.

  • Stress-free
  • Relieved
  • Confident
  • Knowledgable 

If you’re struggling with incorporating the emotional aspect into your brand story, consider incorporating case studies into your content marketing. These tell the story of a current customer by outlining their problems and highlighting how you helped them solve them. 

A well-written case study does a great job of emphasizing your brand story. 

Use Visuals 

Everyone loves a story with good pictures – use this to your advantage. Your clients will connect your logo, colors, and images with your accounting firm, so make it stand out and be memorable. 

When done correctly, visuals that are cohesive with the story of your brand can be an incredible advantage within your marketing.

Be Consistent

Like authenticity, consistency is at the root of good marketing. No matter where your clients look, they should see a consistent brand story.

Whether it’s conveyed in your messaging, visuals, or tone of voice, a client should be able to identify your brand through your content.  

brand story

Need Help Creating a Brand Story? 

As we mentioned, a compelling story for your brand lies at the core of most successful accounting firms. 

Without a brand story, your firm will struggle to: 

  • Build trust
  • Connect with your target audience
  • Differentiate itself

Don’t let this become a mistake that negatively impacts your business. Reach out to our team at Full Stadium Marketing for help building a brand story. We’d love to stick with you through the process!

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