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A recent study by Semrush found that a whopping 97% of businesses they surveyed received positive results from content marketing. 

97% saw success with content marketing. Let that sink in.

It’s evident that content marketing works, but what is it and what sets it apart? 

Content marketing is a strategic approach to creating and distributing relevant, valuable, and consistent content with the intention to attract and retain a specific audience – and eventually leads to profits.  

What sets content marketing for accounting firms apart from other marketing strategies is its benefits. 

Benefits of Content Marketing for Accounting Firms

Benefits of Content Marketing for Accounting Firms 

Content marketing is so effective because of its benefits

1. Differentiate your firm from the rest

  • When you create strong content, you’re able to demonstrate your unique offering and speak specifically to your ideal clients. 

2. Educate your audience

  • This shows your ideal clients that you are a thought leader in the industry and that you have the solutions to their biggest problems.

3. Grow organically 

  • By creating content tailored to your target audience, over time, you’ll begin to rank higher in search results and gain organic leads. 

4. Create a funnel

  • Your audience may not be ready to buy when they find you, but with the help of consistent content, when they are ready to buy, they’ll know who to contact.

5. Dynamic and engaging instead of static

  • Consistent content marketing keeps your website and social media platforms fresh and active. This shows you are a part of the conversation and care about contributing to your niche. 

6. Create partnership opportunities

  • Content marketing opens the door to working with similar businesses within your industry. These relationships can often lead to referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. 

Consistency is King for Successful Content Marketing Strategy

There are a lot of do’s when it comes to content marketing, but one of the most essential is to be consistent. 

Consistency within your content marketing campaign

  • Generates industry authority
  • Boosts your search engine optimization 
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Opens the doors for collaboration
  • Allows for a strategic approach

Consistency can make up for some of the common mistakes that are made while building out your content marketing strategy. 

Common Mistakes Made While Content Marketing for Accounting Firms

Mistakes are common in content marketing. These mistakes can be costly and cause you to spend more time working on your strategy than you should be spending. 

Below we’ll outline some of the common mistakes made while content marketing for accountants.

Copy and Pasting Content 

Unfortunately, we’ve spotted many accounting firms that use replicated content. Whether it be in a blog post or on their home page. While content is good to have, it will only move the needle if it’s original and valuable. 

This also means using AI-generated content isn’t a good idea either as it is a culmination of already-created content.

We get thisGoogle recently released the Helpful Content Update. Essentially, the update weeds out unoriginal and nonvaluable content and ranks original and valuable content higher.

Sharing General Information 

Being too broad is a common mistake in accounting firm marketing. For content to be successful, you have to niche down and share industry-specific information. 

Do this by speaking directly to your target audience. Answer their questions and solve their problems. 

This will create leads that are more in line with your ideal client. 

Unclear Call-to-Action

While creating original and valuable content is a priority, ultimately, creating content that converts is the goal.

Too often, firms create content but fail to include the next steps. For your content to convert, it needs to include clear next steps. Make it obvious to the audience what they need to do; whether it’s scheduling a meeting, visiting your services page, or filling out an information form. 

Creating Content Without an SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy is the backbone of good content marketing. This is how you organically get your content in front of people. 

Just to scratch the surface, here are a few important aspects to include in your SEO strategy: 

  • Fresh content 
  • Evergreen content
  • Relevant keywords
  • Backlinks from authority sites
  • Internal links
  • Short loading times

Without a sound SEO strategy, you’ll be creating content but not mining its full potential. 

A Lack of Content Diversity

Sticking to one form of content is a big mistake when it comes to content marketing for accounting firms. 

It is beneficial to produce a variety of content because each style will suit a different corner of your target audience. It also gives you the opportunity to cross-promote your content. 

For example, if you’re creating a monthly blog, you should also be sharing the link along with an explanatory graphic on social media. 

Check out our article, “7 Strategies for More Accounting Leads” to explore different content types.

Pushing Engagement to the Sidelines

Avoid posting and ghosting! Engagement is key to a good content marketing strategy. 

Once you share new content, be sure to interact with anyone who shows interest; comment, like, share, and engage! 

This is a simple way to promote your content. 

Doing it all on Your Own

Creating a successful content marketing strategy can be a lot to manage on your own. 

It takes time, focus, and a solid plan to see results. 

But, that’s why we’re here. 

At Full Stadium Marketing, we work with accounting firm owners who don’t have the time to build out and execute their content marketing strategy. 

If you can relate, reach out to us! We’d love to learn more about your firm and put together a plan to grow your business!

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