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Website content for accounting firms can be the difference between success and failure. 

However, it’s often overlooked. 

Web creators and firm owners skip right to the colors, design, and graphics rather than focus on what will get you to show up in searches, written content. They use copy that “sounds good” as opposed to copy that was strategically crafted with the goal of conversions in mind.

It’s a common mistake, which is why we, Full Stadium Marketing, have made it our goal to help accounting firms correct this issue and produce content that not only increases organic traffic but also drives conversions. 

Here’s a glimpse into some of our best tips for creating website content for accounting firms. 

Make it About the Visitor

Keep in mind, your website is not about you. It’s all about the visitor, or should we say, future client. 

Anyone visiting your website is looking for information about how your accounting firm can help them. They are not interested in what school you went to, where you came up with your firm’s name, or how many pets you have. They have a problem and they want to know if you can solve it.

Your website content should always be directed toward your visitors and only include the information they need to decide if they want to partner with you or not.

Do this by: 

  • Highlighting your ideal client’s pain points
  • Explaining how you can get them from where they are now to where they want to be
  • Showing them how you’ve helped other clients just like them 

Remember, they are only interested in the value and benefits you can provide them.  

Website Content for Accounting Firms Extends Beyond the Home Page

Your homepage is typically the first page a visitor sees when they come to your website. So naturally, this is the page firm owners tend to focus on.

As you build your home page, remember to answer five important questions:

  • Who are you? 
  • What are you an expert in? 
  • Who do you serve? 
  • How can I benefit from your service?
  • What do I do next? 

Answering these questions right away will keep your visitors from guessing about what you do and provide them with the basic information they need to understand your business. 

But as you build your home page, it’s important to keep in mind that the other pages on your site are just as important and play a significant role in converting visitors to clients. 

Products/Services Pages 

Products/services pages are the necessary supporting pages for your home page. This is where you will show what your business has to offer – it’s your opportunity to explain your value to potential customers. 

Again, you want to take this opportunity to answer your visitor’s questions. Don’t leave them guessing. 

This is also the perfect place to focus on SEO. Make sure you are using the right keywords to describe your services. 

As you build out this page, focus on a few key elements within your content: 

  • Value-driven content
    • Explain what your services are and how your client will benefit them. 
  • Social proof
    • Visitors are more likely to buy if they see their peers benefitting from your products/services.
  • Call to action
    • Once you’ve provided all of this information, they need to be told exactly how they can contact you.

Blog Page

Once you’ve captured interest with your home page and provided more details on your products/services page, you have to focus on your blog page. 

Your blog page is your chance to demonstrate authority, answer more in-depth questions, and focus on gaining more traffic through SEO. This is where you establish your expertise and build out your website. 

Here are a few essentials for a successful blog page. 

  • Create short and long-form content
    • Write blogs/articles for around 800 words and guides anywhere from 1,200 to 2,000 words. 
    • Short-term content pieces will scratch the surface of the topic while long-term content pieces will dive deeper into the topic.
  • Do your keyword research
    • Use the right keywords in titles and headings as well as throughout the body paragraphs. At Full Stadium, we use Surfer SEO to help with this.
  •  Incorporate images
    • This boosts SEO and makes your content more visually appealing.
  • Make your content scannable
    • Unfortunately, your readers will not read your blogs all the way through. This means the important stuff needs to stand out. Use headings, images, bullet points, bolded words, and short paragraphs to appeal to the reader.

Don’t (and we can’t stress this enough) Copy and Paste Content

We’ve run into so many accounting firms with the exact same content, and if your goal is to rank higher on search engines and get more conversions, this is simply not the way to do it. 

Google recently announced that they are looking for content that is helpful for its audience and is penalizing sites with irrelevant and unhelpful content. They specifically mention recycled content as a major problem.

So even if the content is good – if there is too close of a match to it somewhere else on the web – it won’t rank the site. 

This means you have to create unique, helpful content, which can be a chore. But don’t worry, that’s what we are here for. 

At Full Stadium Marketing we work with accounting firms to build website content strategies that result in unique, helpful content and more conversions. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your accounting firm grow!

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