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Updated February 2021

There is A LOT that goes into marketing. However, there is ONE element that is more important than any other because it is the foundation of the “WHY” behind your marketing. This one element can set your whole content strategy off on a successful foot.

The most important element in your marketing is your messaging. 

You might think, “If I could only gain traffic to my website and have thousands of visitors a day, all of my problems would be solved.” But in reality, traffic itself is something that is a commodity, it’s something you can purchase. Anyone can go to Facebook or Google and pay for views, but views do not guarantee sales.

The key to marketing is stepping back and truly figuring out the pattern in traffic that you do get from your site.

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Is your message clear and direct or is the audience confused? Does your message intrigue people? Does your messaging convert visitors into customers, followers, partners or whatever you’re trying to create?

If your messaging does not work, no amount of traffic can solve your problem.

As you plan a marketing strategy, focus on the content you are creating and the message you are putting out there. Before publishing, ask yourself and others in your target audience “What message am I putting out there?”, “Does my message jump out as you read this post?” 

At Full Stadium, we have an experienced team of writers and content creators that can help you connect your message with your audience.

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