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Updated February 2021

Do you ever feel like your marketing message just falls flat? Or that your message is not connecting with your audience? This happens a lot in marketing because we talk a lot about ourselves. 

What’s wrong with that? 

Making a message connect is all about the audience

We forget that making a message connect is really all about the audience! 

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We naturally start talking about things we’re doing as a business or organization that we’re excited about, enjoy working on, or projects we’re producing (which is all great!) but totally forget about the audience and their needs.

Most likely, the audience does not really care about all of the stuff we’re excited about, but we can guarantee that every audience does care about their problems and getting them resolved. 

This is where your business/service marketing steps in.

As you think about your marketing, messaging and sales positioning, ask yourself, “what problems do I solve?”

All of your services/products (whatever you sell) qualify as a solution to a problem. The more problems they solve, the more valuable they can be. 

That being said, your content should always be driving at those problems. 

Ask yourself, what problems do current customers have? What problems do potential customers have? Based on those answers, create content that speaks directly to them and offer free solutions so they gain trust from you.

Thinking like this is a great way to create interest because people who have problems will pay money to have them solved! 

Just like you, they want their life and business to be more efficient and their pain to be taken away. 

If you are consistently showing ways to take care of those problems, you are sure to gain engagement with your content. 


  1. Ask yourself “What problems do I solve?”
  2. Review your messaging and ask yourself, “Am I offering solutions to problems?” or “Am I only talking about things I am excited about?”

To learn more about clarifying your marketing message, watch this video and explore our website!

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