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Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to social media marketing for accountants. 

They test the waters and find: 

  • They don’t have the time to effectively run their social media
  • They don’t know where to begin
  • It’s “too complicated” 
  • It’s not producing the results they hope for

The good news is that with a few simple adjustments to your strategy, you can simplify your social media marketing and successfully leverage it to grow your accounting firm. 

Here are five quick tips for simplifying social media marketing for your accounting firms:

Tip 1: Plan and Schedule in Advance

Consistency is key when it comes to social media marketing for accounting firms, and the best way to remain consistent is to plan and schedule in advance. 

Create a plan for the week, month, or even quarter, and aim to share at least 2 social media posts a week.  

At Full Stadium Marketing, we use Google Sheets to plan our monthly content schedules. It’s as simple as inserting the graphic or link we plan to share and writing a quick caption. This tool helps you see an overview of your content. 

With a plan, you’re ensuring consistent posting and saving time.

You should also schedule your content using a tool like Sendible, Hootsuite, or Meta Business. Once you’ve connected your social accounts to one of these scheduling platforms, you can schedule your social media posts to be shared at a later date. 

Scheduling in advance removes the need to share posts on the day of, and like planning, ensures consistent posting and saves time. 

Tip 2: Use Helpful FREE Tools

Social media doesn’t have to be an expensive marketing tactic. With the help of free tools, you can easily create, plan, and schedule social media content for your accounting firm.

Here are some of the tools we use at Full Stadium Marketing:  


We LOVE Canva. Canva is the perfect tool for creating graphics and videos to share on your social media platforms. The free version works great! 

However, Canva Pro offers more features and options to choose from. It’s well worth the investment!

Google Sheets 

As we mentioned, Google Sheets is a great tool for creating social media content calendars. 

You can insert pictures into cells and easily add captions to give yourself an overview of the week or month so you can ensure you are posting consistently. The best part is it’s completely free!

Sendible or Hootsuite

Sendible and Hootsuite work similarly in that they let you schedule posts across most of the popular social media platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Both tools offer free versions and will help you save time! 

Meta Business

Meta Business is an all-in-one hub for Facebook and Instagram. You can schedule posts for these two platforms and even check analytics. 

It’s free with a Facebook Business account! 

Tip 3: Stick to Your Brand Kit

Consistency doesn’t just apply to when you post but HOW you post. Your social media posts must be consistent with your brand and the best way to do this is to stick to your brand kit. 

A brand kit is a visual representation of the logos, colors, fonts, and messaging that craft your brand’s visual identity. 

Each social media post you create should refer back to your brand kit. This improves brand awareness by allowing clients and potential clients to quickly identify your content and improving your overall social media presence. 

Tip 4: Speak Directly to Your Target Audience

Social media is FULL of people, brands, and businesses talking. 

However, the most influential people, brands, and businesses talk directly to the users who are most likely to see their content as valuable. 

As an accountant, you can provide value with posts that:

  • Identify common pain points within your industry/niche
  • Include resources to help your ideal customers ease combat their pain points
  • Explain your accounting services AND why they are important
  • Demonstrate how current clients are benefitting from your accounting services
  • Provide ideas for growing their business

When you do these things, you are speaking directly to your target audience and: 

  • Grabbing their attention
  • Creating a personal connection
  • Building trust
  • Making your firm their go-to source for information 

Tip 5: Outsource Your Social Media Marketing

Planning, creating, and scheduling content is time-consuming and you likely didn’t start your accounting firm to run social media accounts. 

This is why we suggest outsourcing your accounting firm’s social media. They’ll work with you to create a social media strategy for your firm, ensuring your content is consistent, valuable, and reaches the right audience. 

At Full Stadium Marketing, we offer social media marketing for accountants (and content marketing) services to help you save time, build your social media presence, and grow your firm. 
For more information about our services, visit and contact us today!

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