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Updated February, 2021

Full Stadium Marketing is where financial professionals gain practical advice on digital content to drive more traffic to their website. Filling a content calendar for your business may sound simple, but there’s actually a lot that goes into it. 

Choosing Full Stadium Marketing guarantees every article, landing page, Google ad, graphic and social caption is created for maximum engagement and search visibility.

Here’s the exact 5-step process we go through every single time we create a piece of content.

1. Creating topics

To create relevant topics for each client, we have to have a strategy and know exactly what we’re going to write about. 

There’s a very deliberate process we go through, and the first is keyword research. Using SEMrush and considering our client’s audience/space, we find out what people are searching for, what topics generate traffic and what keywords are performing well. In addition to keywords, we look at what problems the client is solving for their specific audience and create topics based on that.  

Once we settle on a list of topics we’re going to write about we dive deep into the creating process. 

2. Create Briefs

Briefs include a summary of what the:

  • article is going to talk about
  • Google ad is going to look like
  • messaging is going to target

This step guarantees our whole team is on the same page. 

Contact FSM to learn how we can help your business grow!

3. Produce

Now we get into the nitty gritty, production! Full Stadium is a quality team of writers, business builders and marketers. When we send a topic to the writers, they produce content which includes:

  1. Between 800-1200 words
  2. External links, citing to valuable sources
  3. Internal links (boosts SEO)
  4. Optimization for maximum engagement and search visibility

Watch the full video of Our Core Process here.

4. Review and Publish

Once we’ve produced an article, we send a draft to our clients for feedback. Typically, this is a quick process, but we want to ensure it fits the clients’ voice, tone and overall style.

When the piece is approved, we take it a step further and publish it on clients’ websites, optimized for SEO, with links and feature images. 

5. Promote

We are firm believers that the right audience (for your service/product) and the right message are both essential parts of any marketing plan, but it doesn’t stop there. We want your content to be seen by as many people as possible. That being said, taking the message and getting it in front of that audience is essential. Pushing out content consists of engaging captions, well-performing hashtags, cross-marketing and optimizing it for search by using relevant keywords.

A perk of our premium package includes a guest post, which is a sure way to get your content seen by many

Contact FSM to learn how we can help your business drive traffic to your website!

We’d love to connect with you! Follow our brand story, apply these tips and tricks into your own business and learn more about Full Stadium, here.

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