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What’s the most difficult part of creating content? Getting it in front of the right people.

It’s great to create stellar articles, top of the line videos and engaging content across social media but it’s only beneficial to you and your audience if it’s actually seen.

There are several ways to spread your message, but this article is solely focused on two strategies that actually work: 

  1. Guest posts
  2. Podcast interviews

Click here to watch the full video. 

If you’re working with a specific audience (let’s use lawyers as an example) other people (lawyers) in that audience are checking specific websites all of the time because they’re finding answers and helpful material in their niche. That being said, YOU want to be featured on those websites!

If you’re creating helpful content for a specific audience, websites (within that world) will publish your work or interview you in a podcast because they know that you can help them. 

Get in front of a new audience NOW

Most of the time, content is a long-term game that is built up and stored on your website where it gains results over time. Guest posts and podcast interviews allow you to gain immediate recognition by being placed in front of a new audience TODAY. 

Use a valuable link in the long run

Not only is your voice being heard in a new location, but you get to claim your work in another place within your industry, not just on your own site. 

The quality improves

These two platforms place you in a new position with a fresh perspective, you will probably think of content that you’ve never even thought of before! 

Last but not least, credibility. 

If someone is being interviewed on a podcast or featured in a post, it’s assumed that they know what they’re talking about. Their status is credible and the audience believes they are worth reading about or listening to. 

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