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You’ve heard both concepts: accounting firm marketing strategies and accounting firm marketing plans. 

Many people use them interchangeably, and while they are closely related to a CPA firm’s overall marketing efforts, they each serve a different purpose in the marketing process. 

Here is a breakdown of each. 

accounting firm marketing strategies

Accounting Firm Marketing Strategies 

A marketing strategy is a high-level approach that outlines how a company plans to achieve its marketing goals and objectives. It focuses on the long-term and guides the firm’s overall direction. 

Accounting firm marketing strategies will address questions like: 

  • Who are our ideal clients? 
  • What value propositions will we offer these clients? 
  • How will we position our services in the market? 
  • What is our competitive advantage? 
  • What is our pricing strategy?
  • What channels will we use to reach our clients? 

As you answer these questions, you’re setting the foundation for your CPA firm’s marketing activities and shaping the way you will compete in the market. Remember the marketing strategy is about making high-level decisions that align with your firm’s overall business goals.

Elements of an Accounting Firm Marketing Strategy 

Identifying your ideal client: 

Accounting firms can identify their ideal clients by looking at: 

  • Industries
  • Companies
  • Size
  • Financial needs
  • Geographic location

Niches are formed by aligning services with the specific needs of their ideal client. From there, accounting firms can tailor their marketing message to attract clients who can benefit from their services. 

Value proposition: 

Accounting firms can communicate their value and services to clients by crafting value propositions that highlight their strengths, expertise, and benefits. 

Effectively conveying how their services address clients’ challenges and provide solutions that are more valuable than other firms requires:

  • Consistent branding
  • Targeted messaging
  • Informative content

Competitive analysis:

Understanding the competitive landscape in the accounting industry allows firms to:

  • Identify their rivals
  • Assess their strengths and weaknesses
  • Strategically position themselves for success

By staying informed about industry trends and competitors’ offerings, accounting firms can make informed decisions that enhance their competitiveness and appeal to clients searching for tailored financial solutions.


Accounting firms can position themselves as experts by showcasing their knowledge and experience in specific accounting services or industry sectors through thought leadership content like: 

  • Articles
  • Long-form guides
  • Podcasts
  • Social media content

By consistently delivering insights tailored to their niche, CPA firms solidify their reputation as trust advisors and go-to resources for clients searching for expert guidance. 

Accounting Firm Marketing Plans 

A marketing plan is a detailed, tactical outline of the specific actions and tactics an accounting firm will follow to achieve the goals determined in its marketing strategy. Think of it as a short-term roadmap of steps and timelines contributing to long-term objectives. 

An accounting firm marketing plan will address questions like: 

  • What marketing campaigns will we run? 
  • What will the budget and timeline be for each campaign?
  • What channels will we use for advertising and promotion?
  • How will we measure the success of each campaign?
  • Who will be responsible for each task? 

Putting the marketing plan in place will translate the strategic vision into actionable steps and provide a detailed guide for the marketing team to follow. As you craft an accounting firm marketing plan, remember to: 

  • Set clear objectives
  • Allocate resources
  • Establish a framework for monitoring and measuring results 

Elements of an Accounting Firm Marketing Plan

Campaigns and initiatives:

Campaigns within an accounting firm marketing plan are organized by: 

  • Objectives
  • Ideal clients
  • Content strategies
  • Distribution channels 

For example, social media campaigns could focus on engaging and educating specific clients through platforms like LinkedIn, while content marketing campaigns might involve creating blog posts, videos, or downloadable resources to showcase expertise and attract leads.

Budget allocation: 

How accounting firms distribute financial resources across their marketing efforts should be based on their potential impact and expected outcomes. Initiatives that align with their strategic goals should receive more funding. This ensures a balanced approach that maximizes return on investment and caters to the needs of each campaign. 


A marketing plan creates a structured timeline that aligns with the firm’s marketing strategy and objectives. This ensures a coordinated and efficient implementation of marketing efforts and allows the CPA firm to reach its target audience at the best times for engagement and impact. 

Key performance indicators (KPIs):

KPIs should be selected based on objectives. By setting clear and quantifiable KPIs, the marketing plan enables accounting firms to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Refine strategies to enhance performance
accounting firm marketing strategies

The Relationship Between a Marketing Strategy and a Marketing Plan

The marketing strategy is the foundation for the marketing plan. The strategy’s decisions influence the goals, target audience, positioning, and overall approach that is outlined in the plan. 

The marketing plan uses the strategy’s concepts and turns them into practical steps and timelines. It translates the accounting firm’s strategic vision into actionable tasks that can be completed by the marketing team.

In essence, the marketing strategy defines the “what” and “why” of marketing, while the marketing plan addresses the “how,” “when,” and “who.” Together, they create a framework for an accounting firm to effectively pursue its marketing objectives.

If you need help creating a marketing strategy and/or marketing plan from your accounting firm, reach out to Full Stadium Marketing. We are a full-service marketing firm specializing in accounting firm marketing and are ready to help you reach your ideal clients!

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