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If you run an accounting firm, you know that growth can be challenging and you may be wondering if a marketing framework can help.

The answer is yes, however, marketing can be really complicated because navigating all of the ideas and different marketing strategies becomes overwhelming. Have you ever felt like you are trying a little bit of everything in the marketing space but nothing seems to gain results? Focus on our 3-step framework.

The key to marketing is focus.

There is no particular trick or quick fix that is going to improve your marketing. Experience has proved to us that consistent focus on the goal allows you to:

  • Get specific (what does the “win” look like?)
  • Continuously learn
  • Improve

We are constantly distracted. Shifting our focus from one thing to the next leaves our previous task behind, eliminating any momentum towards the goal.

Family, ding, job, email, social responsibility, ding, reminders, bills, ding

To dial in focus on your marketing plan we created a simple 3-step marketing framework.

marketing framework
Our simple 3-step framework will clarify your marketing plan

1. Know Your Audience

No marketing plan will ever work unless it resonates with an audience. You want to be crystal clear on who your ideal client is which requires being as specific as possible. WHO are you, your service or products are for?

Find your ideal client by downloading our free ideal client persona template!

Get Your Message Right

Most of the time in marketing, people jump straight to traffic. How many people visit our website a day? How can we increase our engagement on social media? What can we do to increase sales? Take a step back and focus on your message. All of the traffic in the world is not going to help unless you have a message that works. 300,000 followers and a blue checkmark by your name is awesome but it does not guarantee results; your message does. 

As you understand your audience, offer a message that:

  • Is specific to them
  • Allows them to know you “get them”
  • Includes a clear action step so they know what to do once they interact with you

Watch the full video here.


Once you get the audience and message right, now it’s time to look into traffic. How do you get that message to that audience?

  • Experiment
  • Run tests 
  • See what works best and allows you to stay focused on the overall goal.

Let us Help you Master the Marketing Framework

The framework seems simple, but getting a positive results takes hard work, planning, and patience.

Our team at Full Stadium Marketing can help any firm put together a marketing plan that drives growth.

Reach out to us today to learn more!

Complete Guide to Marketing for an Accounting Firm

If you want to dig deeper, we wrote a complete guide to accounting firm marketing.

This post was updated: May 2023

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