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Updated February 2021

Do you like playing sports? What are the primary benefits of doing so?

Maybe you like playing sports because: 

  • You enjoy the competition
  • The game itself is fun
  • You enjoy the people you get to spend time with while playing sports.

Or maybe they remind you of a childhood memory.

These are all great reasons to play sports. However, along with these awesome benefits, playing sports also has hidden benefits.

The major health benefit for your body to name one example. The health benefit may not be your primary reason for playing sports, but it’s definitely an added bonus.

(we’re getting to the point!) WHATEVER the reason, almost everything you do contains primary benefits along with hidden, or secondary, benefits and content marketing is no exception

In content marketing, there are several hidden benefits and we’re going to hit on three. 

1. You have something ELSE to offer potential clients.

Let us explain. A lot of times sales and lead generation is all about timing. 

“ you have to be in front of the right person at the right time.” 

What if it’s not the right timing and your potential client says, “I’ll circle back to you in six months when it’s the right time.” If you don’t have anything, besides what you’re selling, to offer them then you have to cross your fingers and hope they remember you when the timing is right. 

With content marketing, you have a way to consistently stay on their mind.

2. It sharpens your thinking

By creating content marketing, those ideas floating around in your head actually get written down on paper or typed out on a screen, forcing you to think through your ideas and clarify your thoughts. 

3. More referrals

Over the years, we have noticed that content marketing leads to referrals. At Full Stadium, we have connected with other business leaders within our ecosystem, leading to referral partners (which is awesome!) 

That being said, when we create content, our hope is that potential clients AND our referral partners will engage. Our partners are human, and have their own business, tasks, and daily life to think about; we’re not at the top of their list 99.9% of the time. However, if we’re consistently producing content that answers questions, solves problems, benefits themselves or people they are in contact with, all they have to do is mention our name and (BOOM) a referral is made.

For the full video, click here.

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